Les Ruines attendent et dorment
Installation originally in Le contenant perdu at Musée Gallo-Romain, St-Romain-en-Gal, FR
digital print on blue-back paper, wood, plastic sheet, sand

This photographic installation offers a stroll through the images, an entry into the image.
Not quite a decor, these silhouettes are laid down, like the remains of a place that we do not see. Perhaps we have never seen it, and that, what we believe in, is only a memory. The memory of another setting, or perhaps just another time. This time in which we walk, this place, where stones wait and are kept together, are the reserves. We enter. The images placed above or beside the stones are an archive to the traces and hollows. Then there is an image in the image, a time between the images, a story in between.
And then, what was there, visible, becomes contour, layer, thickness.
It’s a fragment and, like a murmur, the image disappears.
A hollow space, a lack.
pebble. stone. rock. ruin.